January 19, 2013 - The King's Camp Winter Retreat

It seems like it's been a long, long time
since around the campfire we did dine.
We miss our friends and can hardley wait
for April to come, so they'll open the gate.
We count the days and try not to get bored,
in case you wondered there are 84!

The weather has been nice, we can't complain.
We need the snow, but I would rather have rain.
Some of the campers have had health issues,
we pray they'll be better and no long need tissues.
From surgery to sickness we pray no more pain
only good things to happen is what they will gain.

We thank all of those that worked hard today
to bring us together in such a fun way.
The food is great, the fellowship better
it's funny how things all come together.
May God look over you as you go out the door
and remember we'll see you in 84.
So when you leave to go home today
Please drive safe as you go on your way!

God Bless, Poem written by Peggy Jones

Thanks to Ed, Ginny,
Harold & Renee
for serving the Lord
in cooking and organizing
a wonderful retreat for us.

Thanks Peggy for the poem.
Thank you volunteers
who helped in the clean up.
See you all on workday
Saturday, April 13, 2013