Saturday, September 1, 2007 - Corn Boil, Brat & Auction

Saturday, September 1, 2007 - Concert - Homeward Bound

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Sunday, September 2, 2007 - Worship Service - Pastor Herm Dragt speaking
Farewell to Pastor Herm & Marge Dragt
Thanks for your faithfulness to the King's Camp - We will miss you!
Farewell Poem for: Pastor Herm & Marge Dragt - Written by: Bruce & Linda Andresen
Pastor Herm's retiring soon,
Try not to fret, try not to swoon.
He feels it's time to move on out,
He's done his job there is no doubt.
He's served the camp for many years,
As Pastor, friend, allaying fears,
Companion, guide, we'll shed some tears.
But he feels at 80 it's time to go,
And at his age that may be so,
But I should like to let you know.
He worked for years in “tool and dye”,
His engineering drew the eye,
Now he gives his time for you and I.
There are other things that I could say,
Of places served along the way,
But that will wait for another day.
I've heard him preach out here at camp,
Where it can get cold and it can get damp.
When he opens up his mouth to speak,
The gospel from his lips does leak.
It flows from every thought and prayer,
His full concern and gentle care,
This I know cause I was there.
Of course he has his faithful crew,
That Marge she is a live one too.

A better helpmate you don't see,
To aid his cause for you and me.
Although some sound man called him ‘squeaky',
The mixer just requires a ‘tweaky',
To make him heard by one and all,
Throughout the church or meeting hall.
He whittles and he carves on wood,
He makes fine stuff it's understood.
And when the Father gave His call,
He did not stumble, he did not fall.
He moved into his new career,
The one for us with blessings dear.
Your leaving here will cause some angst,
But for you Pastor, we give thanks,
For giving to the Lord your all,
And answering to his winsome call.